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DIY Home is all about Do It Yourself and Do It Your Way at home, in life and discovering Do It Yourself is motivating, fun, frustrating, crazy and rewarding all at the same time. Whether you renovate a room in your home, create a great new recipe from an old favorite, mod podge everything you see or plant a garden, do it all with love and humor.  Do It Your Way so that it is just right for your family, your pets (we love our cats and dogs!) and make life more of what you love.  

 Do It Yourself DIY Home doesn’t really have to mean all by yourself, although sometimes that’s just the way you relax and enjoy it.  It’s also fun to get your family, friends and even co-workers involved.  We have renovated rooms, painted and floored and even installed crown molding with lots of help from family, a sense of humor and Google search friends!  

My favorite is my DIY recipes.  I love making up new recipes using ingredients that work for myself and my family, turning old favorites into new meals, desserts and snacks.  I hope you will browse some of them and feel free to get some ideas and invent your own recipes from the doing it your way.

We love our Pinterest Boards – a great way to organize your ideas or some you want to look at someday and hope you will drop by and share with us too.  We are pet lovers and animal rescue shelters and fosters are our heroes we share stories and photos and hope you will stop by our Facebook Page and add yours too or just share our fun.

We are firefighters for 20 years and EMS before that.  My daughter is a nurse and our friends are police, fire and EMS so we share our love of the emergency and nursing world with you too.  

Firefighters, Police and EMS

Firefighters, Police and EMS

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